Arrr, It's Pirate Season in South Texas

Shiver Me Timbers Maties...It's Pirate Season in S.Texas
This weekend marks the opening of the 80th Annual BucDays Festival & Rodeo, a true tradition in These here parts...

Boatshed Texas was at the docks when the Pirate ship Red Dragon pulled into town. The ship has been a sin ominous part of the opening ceremony for the festival as the Mayor of Corpus Christi voluntarily is forced to Walk the Plank, all in good spirit of the festival of course ;) However, a safety crew was there to pluck the brave one out of the drink.
Steve with BoatshedTexas was on stand by to Welcome the Motley crew, once they arrived and secured at the dock, so he promptly inquired
'Ahoy Captain, would you be interested in listing your fine looking ship with BoatshedTexas' ? He promptly proceeded to have his crew throw me in the brig; fortunately my lifeboat was a lot swifter than their peg legs could muster & i was able to out run the Scally Wags...
Arrr the joys of being a Yacht Broker in S. Texas where @ BoatshedTexas we arrr Proud to be Local & Privileged to be Global... #LifesBetterOnaBoat
For more information & a schedule of events for the 2017 BucDay's Festival & Rodeo please go to:
For a day cruise on the Red Dragon Pirate ship during opening weekend of the BucDays Festival, see their website for sailing times and more info: