Selling Boats in Uncertain Times...

Today is certainly a sure reason to Celebrate our Great States Independence, we too like to celebrate our small victories in our corner of the Lone Star even during these uncertain times...
So what do people do when there are troubled times afoot? they go to Go their Safe Haven & places of comfort.... Surely a boat is exactly that & where many folks are searching for a way to escape from the main stream crowds currently looking to find a Happy & Safe Haven place to Go of their own.
At Boatshed Texas we have experienced exactly this for the past several months here on the Texas Riviera, more so recently Sales & Listings are Up from this period last year a whopping 90%, during these unprecedented times, Folks are Calling, Birds are flocking & we're Selling Boats like Candy bars. This may be a little bit of poetic license & minor bragging rights but without blowing the Lone Star horn too much; we recently listed a mid sized cruising Sailboat for a client, which we had barely finished compiling the listing with the photos & media for our marketing team to advertise & promote the boat; a customer who had been looking for a similar size & vintage boat contacted us & said he was interested in viewing the boat which of course we obliged & the couple immediately liked the layout, it's features & equipment which I might add the owner had done an impeccable job of cleaning & show casing the boat ready for re Sale.
Shortly thereafter we had an offer for consideration which was promptly accepted with only a minimum amount of negotiation; pending survey the total turn around for this listing was under 12 days, another record for Boatshed & the Texas Riviera team!
So during difficult times whether it be record breaking Winter Storms & Major Power outages not seen in these parts for over 150 yrs or Working Safely & diligently during this Worldwide Pandemic; rest assured Boatshed are here to assist both Buyers & Sellers in finding their Go to Safe Haven & places of comfort... #LifeIsBetterOnaBoat #StaySafeBuyingBoats